Monday, November 30, 2009

Morgan's 7th Tooth Is Loose

Over Thanksgiving break Morgan began complaining that her tooth was sore. She thought her new tooth was loose only to find out that the one next to it was. This will make #7. What a big girl I have. She just turned 7 and has her 7th tooth loose. I feel like time has just flown by.

Friday, October 16, 2009


The kids and Jason and I love to go to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins and take some pictures. This year is no different. After church on Sunday we decided to head on over to Kathy's Pumpkin Patch. I am glad we went when we did since the weather then turned so cold.

The weather was perfect and the kids loved the kittens that live over there. We let the kids explore awhile and hold the kittens then we picked out a big pumpkin to carve and the kids each picked out a little pumpkin. Blake found a tractor to sit on and he wanted to stay and drive it. The kid loves tractors. Enjoy some of our family pictures from our day at the pumpkin patch.


On October 6th Morgan was complaining of her throat hurting. With all that is going around I decided to take her to the doctor. I got Morgan out of school early and Blake and I picked her up and headed for the doctors office. Upon Morgan getting called back and weighed Blake decided he was going to get weighed as well. He said that the doctor was going to fix him up as well.

Once the doctor got in the room to look at Morgan he had Blake get on the table and look at him to. Blake felt like he was important. The things kids say and do. So now when he is sick or hurt the saying is that the doctor is going to fix him.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This past weekend we decided to work on the land. The weather was perfect and much work needed to be done. Blake has been working on potty training and it has been a real it and miss situation. Morgan was a month before she turned three and I just let her do it on her own timing. I figured that would be Blake or at least I was hoping. Well a little later he has taken interest but it is slowly coming. We decided to let him wear his big boy undies up to the land. Before I knew it, he was naked going potty. The kid just has no shame. He actually thinks it is funny. I guess whatever works. He told me later that the neighbors were watching him go potty.

This week I told Krystal that he was working on potty training. We had a good day and a bad day. Today we tried again. He has went all day without an accident. I am so proud and excited that we may be on to something. This is the most he has shown interest in using the potty. We even traveled two hours or so in the car tonight and he did awesome. He told me when he needed to go and we stop a few times. Once he went and the other time he didn't. At least he is trying and aware if he has big boys on or his diaper. He just fell asleep and asked me if he had a diaper on. We are camping this weekend so this may be a good chance to just leave the undies on so if there is an accident it is no big deal. The ground can hold up just fine with a little urine. He also loves to just pull down his pants and stand by a tree to try to go. This should be easier than Morgan since he loves to just let it all hang out.

Wish Blake luck. He turns three in a few weeks and needs to keep up with his big sisters trends.

Monday, September 7, 2009


It was 1:00 in the morning and I was woken to find my daughter next to my bed with her sixth tooth that feel out. I am surprised she did not swallow it. Since this summer Morgan has lost four teeth. I can not believe how big she has became. I look at her every day in amazement of her growth. So for her first grade pictures Morgan was missing four of her teeth. The big top front two will be really noticeable. She will never forget when she lost those teeth.



Well we took the kids to the circus at the I wireless center. It was scout night and we all got discounted tickets. Jason and I took the kids along with Jada. Another friend of Morgan's went with her grandma and they sat with us. So we arrive find our seats and then on to the floor we went to see the preshow. The kids were just watching all the different people perform before the circus. After the show was ready to begin we went to the restroom and got our snacks. The kids wanted and ices. I get in line to find out the cheapest one is 9.00. Of course both of my kids wanted one. So 18.00 later we were back in our seats. Blake was sitting next to me and an older man who was eating popcorn. He started talking to Blake. Blake became more interested in the popcorn and after two bites of ices he said he was done and was sharing popcorn with the guy next to us.


The show started and it was all out over the top performance. Jason even enjoyed himself. I was shocked. Blake did walk back and forth between us only to annoy the lady in front of us. He kicked the seat a few times. She must not have any kids of her own to understand that I was trying my hardest to keep him in control. Morgan did enjoy her ices. It lasted almost the whole show. After a great show we hit the streets to find the car. We got to the car and Jason went to put Blake in the car and he feel out only to come up bleeding with a big cut in his eye.

I was scared and wanted to take him to the ER but Jason thought he was fine. I was nervous the whole way home so I sat in the back with him. The girls feel asleep and so did Blake.

We get to around Viola IL and came upon a state trooper stop. They wanted to see Jason's drivers license and proof of insurance. We had to pull forward and dig for it and the trooper was going to come over in a few minutes to check on us. Jason started yelling at me telling me we were going to get a ticket. We came upon an old insurance card and the trooper looked at it and said that he was sure we still had insurance driving a vehical like we were and he let us go. We had a mess and in the car and away we went. I had enough excitement for one night. A CIRCUS IT WAS.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is Morgan's 1st grade teacher Mrs. Flores. We have heard great things about her and Morgan is excited. Can't wait to see how the year goes.

This was Morgan on the first day hanging up her bag. She was excited she even wore her new outfit that Grandma H. had bought her. No more cubbies. I am sad but she is not.

Morgan excited about her desk. She has been waiting for this day to put her things in the desk. She picked the one in the front row. I said she is not shy and loves to be front and center.

These were a few photos of my little girl at her first grade open house. Morgan just loves school so I never have a big issue sending her since she loves being there. Morgan just wanted to get inside the building to find her classroom. I had to get her to slow down a few minutes to get a few pi cutes. On in to the open house we went. She was glad to see some kids from the last school year.

This was Morgan and I in her classroom finding out where to put all her supplies. We had a scavenger hunt to learn were the teacher wanted all the items. We stopped to smile for the camera.

Some Photos to go with some previous post






What A Weekend

Diva Girl's
I can blog again. My computer crashed last week and I finally have it back. Lets see if I can get caught up. I feel like I never will with all that is going on. Well to start lets begin.
Mackenine, Jada, and Morgan on the top bunk

I took Morgan's girl scout troop to camp-le-ketta on Friday night. There was 10 girls and 4 adults and we stayed in the troop house. It all went well just a lot of girls really excited. We built a fire and roasted smores. We had a few crafts for the girls to do and we sang songs as well. They were the most excited about the bunk beds. A whole wing of beds they could not get enough of them. I did sleep okay but one girl was up coughing all night. The next morning we ate breakfast did another craft and went out on our hike. We hike to little Switzerland and the girls felt like we had went a long way. We did get to cross a creek and see the tree houses. The hiking game kept them going for awhile then they just complained that there feet were getting wet. It was a short camping trip but enough for the first experience for them.
Morgan Roasting Marshmallows
Morgan then had a birthday party to attend on Saturday for Morgan T. and they swam at Fun City. Morgan was so tired by the end of the day with the weekend she had.

On Sunday I held the Promotion Sunday at church and them off on the road we headed. We went to Quincy to a place called "GOING BONKERS" The kids had a blast. My brother and sister and Tasha all went with the kids. It was a good time. We decided to eat at TGIF's when we got done. The neatest experience occurred. I was the last to walk in and while we were waiting my brother and sister we telling me the coupons they had. Jason and I did not have any. As we approached our table a lady called me over to her table. She handed me some coupons and I did not want to make a scene so I told her thanks. As I got looking I noticed that she handed me the same as 90.00. I was so thankful for her great deed. This lady won 400.00 worth of coupons and she had to use them all that day or they were no good. They were leaving town and thought we could use them. I was so thankful and have not seen this kind of great deed in a long time. It makes me when to keep spreading these kinds of deeds.

Well the Circus is this weekend and some time with family. Enjoy this labor day weekend.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I woke up to little man beside my bed. It is a usual thing on Sunday morning the kids join us in bed. We usually lay together for awhile then get up and get ready for church. It seems like it is the one morning we are not in a hurry to get somewhere. So today was no different.

Blake has got the cutest little face, and may I say I am a little impartial to my own, so I love to kiss on it. I was kissing and kissing some more to hear the little words of "Mommy that is enough". I was crushed. I could not believe my two year old could even tell his mommy that.

It then became a game and we kissed, laughed and said "Mommy that is enough" for awhile. What a morning. It does not get any better than that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


School started today. My little girl is off to first grade. I am glad she will be back in a schedule. It makes life a little easier. I have had a crazy month of August and feel like I have not been good about my blog. Last weekend was my brothers wedding and we all had a blast. I love those times with family and friends. It makes the meaning of life come to the surface. We need to enjoy every day and just have fun. I will post some photos when I get my laptop back. The hard drive crashed and I have all my photos on that computer. I am very upset about that. I hope I get it soon.

Blake was the ring bear and Morgan did the programs and bubbles. She was so excited. I think she lost her flower during the night somewhere because she was excited about wearing one. Blake thought he was hot stuff in his camo tie. Morgan ended up sick at the end of the night. To much to drink, eat and exhaustion had set in. The girl was so upset when we sent her home that everything came up. We had a very long week helping my parents and brother. The wedding and reception were beautiful and a great time was had by all.

Jason lost one of his friends from school in August. We went to Des Moines for the visitation. I think this is a wake up call how fragile life is. I know it hit Jason and makes him realize when your time is up God will take you. We had several conversations about that and I hope he enjoys every day like it is his last and lets the small stuff go. I know it makes me enjoy every day and sometimes my emotions are strong.

Vacations were great this summer will have more to follow and now just setting back into a routine. Enjoy the school year. Time flies by.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well Morgan has lost two more teeth this summer all within a week. She lost one on Friday July 3rd. That was her fourth tooth. I can't believe that she is getting old enough to loose teeth. She also has her top front tooth loose. We are just finishing Morgan's day camps this week along with getting ready to take our first vacation this summer to a Yogi Bear Camp. I am looking forward to it.

Blake rode is first rides down at steamboat days this year. He loved everything-except the roller coaster. He even loved the Ferris wheel. That kid is my dare devil. I love him to death but sometimes I wonder about him.

The kids loved our camping trip to the Yogi Bear Camp and I will post some pics soon. We just finished a very busy week with VBS at church this week with up to 150 kids attending. This was a new record and we loved having them all there. I was definitely exhausted from the week but more so from all the preparation up to last week. Our summer is winding down and Morgan is just finishing her reading program at the library. Blake has finished his reading program and received his free book.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Our Summer has already kicked off with lots of things to do. I have got the kids signed up for the summer reading program and much to my surprise the kids love it. Blake is so into looking a the books and Morgan loves to check out her own books. The whole process is a great learning experiance and Morgan already has asked me if she can do this again. I told her we have all summer to come the the library and check out books.

We have also been getting props ready for our Vacation Bible School at our church. I have had the kids help so we are getting that under way.

Morgan is playing t-ball this year again at the Y. This year the pitch to them. Her dad is helping coach and she enjoys that. We only have two more weeks of t-ball and then she is done for the summer. She needs to practice a little more but she is doing well when she focuses on what she is suppose to be doing. Next year we are moving her to the National League.

Morgan has learned to ride her bike this past weekend. On June 13th she took it out of the garage and had me help and off she went. She was a little timid as first but picked it up very quickly. Her Aunt Hoovy went for a bike ride on Friday when Morgan was with her and she could not go because she could not ride her bike on her own yet. That got Morgan thinking and on Sat she was motivated to learn. On Sunday the kids and I rode our bikes over to my moms house and Morgan did very well. Only a few parked cars and me were the victims. I have attached a few photos showing her excitement.

I attended Morgan's field day at school. We had a blast. The classes all were differnt tie died shirts and compete against each other in different field events. It was a great day with lots of kids. The kindergarten and 1st grade classes were on the same day. They had tug of war, shoe kick, hula-hoop and tie pull to name a few. The kids that is was awesome as well. What a tradition for Morgan to have at school. Her kindergarten graduation was cute and sad for me. They sang us a few songs and watched a slide show of the kids from the year. Then they were given there certificates for moving into 1st grade. Time goes by so fast. I can not believe were I am at in my life with my kids. I just try to enjoy every moment with them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We have had a few game nights this month at my brothers house. Blake just loves to play with all of the girls. This photo shows how much he loves girl things. He put on a few pairs of Hannah's shoes. One pair was very sparkly silver. He was getting mad when I went to take them off so I just took a picture of him and that made his day. The boy has a few issues with liking girl things. But on the other hand he really is all BOY.

I was doing errands and seen that Fun City had the horses here. Blake and I detoured to take a sneack peek at them and while we were there we grab a few photos of him. He was very amazed at the horses and I had a hard time getting him to look at me for a picture. This is the first time Blake has been that close to horses so it really got his attention. They were neat to see and they had a lot of visitors in the parking lot the day we stopped.

Well what a month of May. Morgan has finished up dance for the season and we had her last dance recital on May 16th. I love watching her dance it brings a smile to my face to see her so happy on stage. She does very well. Her outfit was very cute this year. Enjoy a few of these photos. I hope to get a few more when the weather gets nice. It was so cold outside on dance day I did not get many of them outside as I would have liked to.

Morgan also had her music program at James Madison for K-2 grade. They did a cheese theme and they all had shirts that matched by grade. It was very cute but hard to see because the place was packed. She is such a trooper and not afraid of going on stage. She really does like Mr. Barner the music teacher. We are also finishing up a few Girlscout events and getting ready to have our Garden Party on June 7th. This summer we will just do a few fun events with the girls and maybe a day camp. I can't belive I have made it thru a full year of Morgan in school and looking back the time has went by so fast. I am happy for all she has accomplished but sad that my little girl is growing up so fast. I will soon miss these days and want to cherish every moment I have with them. Until next time. Enjoy

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes we have a new family member named Reggie. I was debating all the way around on this idea but Morgan talked me into it. I am not sure what I am in for but we have fallen for the thing. Our new little 2.2 pound dog Reggie. She is suppose to grow to around 6-7 lbs but I think she my have been the runt of the liter. Now that it has been a week at home she is starting to adjust to our schedule. Besides the peeing all the time, she is friendly. I have learned that she needs to stay in the kitchen unless we are with her. The kids can't leave their hands off her and that does not help matters when I am trying to get her familiar with the way things work at the Waste home. Morgan was so excited when we picked her up in fact the dealer was loaded up and ready to head out and we had to find him to see if we could still get the puppy. As the photos show the dogs were crated and in the trailer. When we could not find the dealer Morgan was getting upset so this picture is just perfect of how excited she was to finally get another puppy. It was a big step to get another dog. I wanted something small so I could help out and transport the dog easier than we did with Gunner. He was a lab and could not come inside out home. If I was going to have another one I wanted to have the kids be part of the dogs life. This one will sure be that. She does not like it when she is not with us but until she proves she knows were to potty then that is just the way it is. Wish us luck with the new addition. I will keep you updated on how this all goes. She was born on Feb 22 and we got her on April 25Th. She was again only 2.2 pounds and can fit in the palm of our hands.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My Mom asked if I would like to go as an Easter gift from her to the Taste of Home Cooking Show. I attended that on Thurs evening and went with a lot of family. We got there early and got close to the stage. We then looked at the vendors items and ate super together. The lady had given away a lot of cookbooks throughout the night and a few other goodie bags. At the end of the night she had made seven different dishes and was going to give those away as well.

Hy-Vee was the huge sponsor and they gave away 24 bags of food. When we got there we were all given a bag of goodies. So I was hoping my luck would change since business is slower and would win one of the drawings. So the end of the night drew and no one in my group had won yet. The food drawing was coming up and on the third maybe fourth dish my name was drawn and she threw in a taste of homes cookbook. I was so excited. Then all the food was given away and they had us look under are chairs, and remember the whole place was full of chairs and only 24 bags to give away, my chair had a pink tag on it so I won a bag of food from Hy-Vee. It was my lucky night and I needed that to change my spirit.

On Friday night Jason and I attended the Crime Stoppers Murder Mystery dinner. We had a blast with some family and friends. We stayed awhile after the event ended and visited with
everyone for awhile. The dinners are fun and if you ever want to attend let me know.
The girls playing music with Bob

All the trash we collected

Then on Sat morning my Girl Scout troop participated in Earth Day Clean Up. We were assigned the Casey's, Culver's and Fareway area. The girls were ready to go. We were in the area for two hours so they did get a little tired. The owner of Culver's was so glad to see us he delivered the girls ice cream. We took and ice cream break and then got back to work. We collected over three big bags of trash in just that area. It is amazing how much trash is out on the streets and the things we found. We are going to make a list of all the items the girls found. They were amazed at the items they found. I was so proud of them. It shows that when you give you will receive and I feel I received a lot inside my heart from this experience. Enjoy the photos.
The Icecram Surprise

Jason's softball season is now on. I think we will have a lot of fun watching this season. The church fellowship is always good. You can always come watch on Tuesday nights. A good time is always in store. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Before Jason left for the week, we decided to take the kids out to see the Easter Bunny after church on Sunday. I was not sure how Blake would react after his fit with Santa. But all went well and he sat with him. He was worried about getting his gift from the Easter Bunny and wanted to get back down to get it. Morgan was looking hard at him and asked us why he was holding his mouth. I think she is very aware of every little detail. I hope her imagination last awhile longer.

On Saturday we attended the West Ave Baptist Church Easter Egg hunt. It was very busy and the kids had a blast. They had cookies and drinks for the kids along with a Bible. We listened to an Easter story before the hunt along with listening to some music. The kids then had different areas in which they had to be in. Blake was first and not sure of what is was suppose to do. We were around a lot of toys and he just wanted to go down the slide. He did manage to get a few eggs and he was happy. That is all that mattered.
Morgan was then up. She wanders off on her own like so knows what to do. She darted out and started hunting. She would usually get one or two then run on instead of getting all the eggs around her. She has her own way of looking for eggs. She was happy with what she got so their were no tears this year or snow. We seen several friends and their kids up for the hunt so we got to visit for awhile with them. It was nice seeing everyone and letting the kids visit. Our church is going to host one next year so hopefully everyone will be able to attend.

We are looking forward to spending time with our families over Easter and hope that everyone enjoys this happy day. I pray that the Lord blesses my family with the slow economy and provides for us in the upcoming days ahead.


Well Daddy was gone this week at school and the kids had a dentist apt on Monday. The news was okay. Blake had a cavity that he is going to watch and Morgan is at the age for sealants. I have to make her an apt to go back in about a month. At least she had no cavities since getting her to brush is always asking her the for the world. Now Blake had another issue, his Binky. The dentist said I needed to get rid of it because of his jaw line. He had told me that six months ago and I tried, but not very hard. It was easier to give it to him to calm him down. I figured this time I better try a little harder. On Monday when we left I started the process. Blake only had it to go to bed that night and that has been the last time he has seen it. Yes, he had asked for it every day but I have reassured him about the dentist visit and told him we gave it to the babies at the hospital. He has then calmed down shortly after our conversation and the attempt to divert his attention to something else. It has been a little easier to do since Jason was gone. He could not just go ask his dad for it. Jason would give in a little easier than me. The visit was also interesting because as usual Blake played 20 questions with the dentist. I do not know how they got in his mouth as much as he was having a conversation with them. Lets just hope and pray that I can continue this path and we do not have any big setbacks. "My Me_ME Mommy" will hopefully fade forever. Bye-Bye "ME_ME"
Then on to potty training.

Monday, March 30, 2009


This weekend I went to Naomi's Kitchen in North Liberty to make and take some food home. It was a neat experience with our girls group. You pick each month 12-15 entries then come ready to prepare the meals let the workers clean up and place in a cooler to take home to freeze. It is a very smooth concept and I have tried one of the meals and thought it was great. It's not cheap but for the amount of food and for those busy family nights it is worth every penny. I enjoyed the experience and recommend it to others.

On Sat night I played some cards with my brother and sister. We had an easy night and let the kids play and fight throughout the night.

Sunday we attended Jason and I attended our first arena football game. Several people from church attended and we had a good time. Jason thought it was fun and that is what matters. I would attend again for a good evening of fun. We sat in the lower bowl so we were close to the field.