Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well Daddy was gone this week at school and the kids had a dentist apt on Monday. The news was okay. Blake had a cavity that he is going to watch and Morgan is at the age for sealants. I have to make her an apt to go back in about a month. At least she had no cavities since getting her to brush is always asking her the for the world. Now Blake had another issue, his Binky. The dentist said I needed to get rid of it because of his jaw line. He had told me that six months ago and I tried, but not very hard. It was easier to give it to him to calm him down. I figured this time I better try a little harder. On Monday when we left I started the process. Blake only had it to go to bed that night and that has been the last time he has seen it. Yes, he had asked for it every day but I have reassured him about the dentist visit and told him we gave it to the babies at the hospital. He has then calmed down shortly after our conversation and the attempt to divert his attention to something else. It has been a little easier to do since Jason was gone. He could not just go ask his dad for it. Jason would give in a little easier than me. The visit was also interesting because as usual Blake played 20 questions with the dentist. I do not know how they got in his mouth as much as he was having a conversation with them. Lets just hope and pray that I can continue this path and we do not have any big setbacks. "My Me_ME Mommy" will hopefully fade forever. Bye-Bye "ME_ME"
Then on to potty training.

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