Monday, March 30, 2009


This weekend I went to Naomi's Kitchen in North Liberty to make and take some food home. It was a neat experience with our girls group. You pick each month 12-15 entries then come ready to prepare the meals let the workers clean up and place in a cooler to take home to freeze. It is a very smooth concept and I have tried one of the meals and thought it was great. It's not cheap but for the amount of food and for those busy family nights it is worth every penny. I enjoyed the experience and recommend it to others.

On Sat night I played some cards with my brother and sister. We had an easy night and let the kids play and fight throughout the night.

Sunday we attended Jason and I attended our first arena football game. Several people from church attended and we had a good time. Jason thought it was fun and that is what matters. I would attend again for a good evening of fun. We sat in the lower bowl so we were close to the field.

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