Thursday, March 26, 2009


Morgan is on Spring Break and so this week has been crazy. I am use to her being in her routine and me in mine. Not that I do not like seeing her just a little out of schedule. Over the weekend we had another event with our Girl Scout troop. We went to Klein's Nursing home to decorate clay pots with the residents. We did that for an hour then went up to the floors to deliver our donated boxes of cookies. This was a learning experience for me along with the girls. I had Blake with me as well so that added to the experience. We had visited a lady who turned 105 and we sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her two boxes of cookies. We visited with an airplane pilot along with a guy from Chicago. Many of the residents were so excited to see the girls and wanted us to come back to visit. The girls loved the cats that were on the floors. I guess the residents must like their company. One lady reminded me of how lucky I was to be able to spend this time with my daughter. She said the time goes by fast and to treasure it. That really hit home and allowed me to see this great circle of life. I have not been that touched in a long time. To see the smile on their faces was worth the entire day. The next time I go I will be wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. I thought I was in the south as hot as it was in there.

Jason and I are going to be going to an arena football game this weekend. We will be with some people from church. Jason has always wanted to see a game so it should be fun. I hope we do not get the snow they are calling for. Our Love Dare group is going well on Sunday's. It is a joy to be a part of and lead such a moving group. I hope we all walk away with a stronger understanding of what GOD calls us to do in our marriage.

This weekend I will also be going to Naomi's Kitchen to get some prepared food to bring home. I hope this helps my family out on those busy nights and a quick meal is needed. I will have to let you know about my experience. Not much else special just the day to day stuff. I am glad I got to spend some time with a dear friend from school this past weekend. Jamie I hope to catch up some more. I am glad I got to see you and miss you lots.

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