Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We have had a few game nights this month at my brothers house. Blake just loves to play with all of the girls. This photo shows how much he loves girl things. He put on a few pairs of Hannah's shoes. One pair was very sparkly silver. He was getting mad when I went to take them off so I just took a picture of him and that made his day. The boy has a few issues with liking girl things. But on the other hand he really is all BOY.

I was doing errands and seen that Fun City had the horses here. Blake and I detoured to take a sneack peek at them and while we were there we grab a few photos of him. He was very amazed at the horses and I had a hard time getting him to look at me for a picture. This is the first time Blake has been that close to horses so it really got his attention. They were neat to see and they had a lot of visitors in the parking lot the day we stopped.

Well what a month of May. Morgan has finished up dance for the season and we had her last dance recital on May 16th. I love watching her dance it brings a smile to my face to see her so happy on stage. She does very well. Her outfit was very cute this year. Enjoy a few of these photos. I hope to get a few more when the weather gets nice. It was so cold outside on dance day I did not get many of them outside as I would have liked to.

Morgan also had her music program at James Madison for K-2 grade. They did a cheese theme and they all had shirts that matched by grade. It was very cute but hard to see because the place was packed. She is such a trooper and not afraid of going on stage. She really does like Mr. Barner the music teacher. We are also finishing up a few Girlscout events and getting ready to have our Garden Party on June 7th. This summer we will just do a few fun events with the girls and maybe a day camp. I can't belive I have made it thru a full year of Morgan in school and looking back the time has went by so fast. I am happy for all she has accomplished but sad that my little girl is growing up so fast. I will soon miss these days and want to cherish every moment I have with them. Until next time. Enjoy

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes we have a new family member named Reggie. I was debating all the way around on this idea but Morgan talked me into it. I am not sure what I am in for but we have fallen for the thing. Our new little 2.2 pound dog Reggie. She is suppose to grow to around 6-7 lbs but I think she my have been the runt of the liter. Now that it has been a week at home she is starting to adjust to our schedule. Besides the peeing all the time, she is friendly. I have learned that she needs to stay in the kitchen unless we are with her. The kids can't leave their hands off her and that does not help matters when I am trying to get her familiar with the way things work at the Waste home. Morgan was so excited when we picked her up in fact the dealer was loaded up and ready to head out and we had to find him to see if we could still get the puppy. As the photos show the dogs were crated and in the trailer. When we could not find the dealer Morgan was getting upset so this picture is just perfect of how excited she was to finally get another puppy. It was a big step to get another dog. I wanted something small so I could help out and transport the dog easier than we did with Gunner. He was a lab and could not come inside out home. If I was going to have another one I wanted to have the kids be part of the dogs life. This one will sure be that. She does not like it when she is not with us but until she proves she knows were to potty then that is just the way it is. Wish us luck with the new addition. I will keep you updated on how this all goes. She was born on Feb 22 and we got her on April 25Th. She was again only 2.2 pounds and can fit in the palm of our hands.