Thursday, April 9, 2009


Before Jason left for the week, we decided to take the kids out to see the Easter Bunny after church on Sunday. I was not sure how Blake would react after his fit with Santa. But all went well and he sat with him. He was worried about getting his gift from the Easter Bunny and wanted to get back down to get it. Morgan was looking hard at him and asked us why he was holding his mouth. I think she is very aware of every little detail. I hope her imagination last awhile longer.

On Saturday we attended the West Ave Baptist Church Easter Egg hunt. It was very busy and the kids had a blast. They had cookies and drinks for the kids along with a Bible. We listened to an Easter story before the hunt along with listening to some music. The kids then had different areas in which they had to be in. Blake was first and not sure of what is was suppose to do. We were around a lot of toys and he just wanted to go down the slide. He did manage to get a few eggs and he was happy. That is all that mattered.
Morgan was then up. She wanders off on her own like so knows what to do. She darted out and started hunting. She would usually get one or two then run on instead of getting all the eggs around her. She has her own way of looking for eggs. She was happy with what she got so their were no tears this year or snow. We seen several friends and their kids up for the hunt so we got to visit for awhile with them. It was nice seeing everyone and letting the kids visit. Our church is going to host one next year so hopefully everyone will be able to attend.

We are looking forward to spending time with our families over Easter and hope that everyone enjoys this happy day. I pray that the Lord blesses my family with the slow economy and provides for us in the upcoming days ahead.

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