Thursday, April 23, 2009


My Mom asked if I would like to go as an Easter gift from her to the Taste of Home Cooking Show. I attended that on Thurs evening and went with a lot of family. We got there early and got close to the stage. We then looked at the vendors items and ate super together. The lady had given away a lot of cookbooks throughout the night and a few other goodie bags. At the end of the night she had made seven different dishes and was going to give those away as well.

Hy-Vee was the huge sponsor and they gave away 24 bags of food. When we got there we were all given a bag of goodies. So I was hoping my luck would change since business is slower and would win one of the drawings. So the end of the night drew and no one in my group had won yet. The food drawing was coming up and on the third maybe fourth dish my name was drawn and she threw in a taste of homes cookbook. I was so excited. Then all the food was given away and they had us look under are chairs, and remember the whole place was full of chairs and only 24 bags to give away, my chair had a pink tag on it so I won a bag of food from Hy-Vee. It was my lucky night and I needed that to change my spirit.

On Friday night Jason and I attended the Crime Stoppers Murder Mystery dinner. We had a blast with some family and friends. We stayed awhile after the event ended and visited with
everyone for awhile. The dinners are fun and if you ever want to attend let me know.
The girls playing music with Bob

All the trash we collected

Then on Sat morning my Girl Scout troop participated in Earth Day Clean Up. We were assigned the Casey's, Culver's and Fareway area. The girls were ready to go. We were in the area for two hours so they did get a little tired. The owner of Culver's was so glad to see us he delivered the girls ice cream. We took and ice cream break and then got back to work. We collected over three big bags of trash in just that area. It is amazing how much trash is out on the streets and the things we found. We are going to make a list of all the items the girls found. They were amazed at the items they found. I was so proud of them. It shows that when you give you will receive and I feel I received a lot inside my heart from this experience. Enjoy the photos.
The Icecram Surprise

Jason's softball season is now on. I think we will have a lot of fun watching this season. The church fellowship is always good. You can always come watch on Tuesday nights. A good time is always in store. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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