Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Our Summer has already kicked off with lots of things to do. I have got the kids signed up for the summer reading program and much to my surprise the kids love it. Blake is so into looking a the books and Morgan loves to check out her own books. The whole process is a great learning experiance and Morgan already has asked me if she can do this again. I told her we have all summer to come the the library and check out books.

We have also been getting props ready for our Vacation Bible School at our church. I have had the kids help so we are getting that under way.

Morgan is playing t-ball this year again at the Y. This year the pitch to them. Her dad is helping coach and she enjoys that. We only have two more weeks of t-ball and then she is done for the summer. She needs to practice a little more but she is doing well when she focuses on what she is suppose to be doing. Next year we are moving her to the National League.

Morgan has learned to ride her bike this past weekend. On June 13th she took it out of the garage and had me help and off she went. She was a little timid as first but picked it up very quickly. Her Aunt Hoovy went for a bike ride on Friday when Morgan was with her and she could not go because she could not ride her bike on her own yet. That got Morgan thinking and on Sat she was motivated to learn. On Sunday the kids and I rode our bikes over to my moms house and Morgan did very well. Only a few parked cars and me were the victims. I have attached a few photos showing her excitement.

I attended Morgan's field day at school. We had a blast. The classes all were differnt tie died shirts and compete against each other in different field events. It was a great day with lots of kids. The kindergarten and 1st grade classes were on the same day. They had tug of war, shoe kick, hula-hoop and tie pull to name a few. The kids that is was awesome as well. What a tradition for Morgan to have at school. Her kindergarten graduation was cute and sad for me. They sang us a few songs and watched a slide show of the kids from the year. Then they were given there certificates for moving into 1st grade. Time goes by so fast. I can not believe were I am at in my life with my kids. I just try to enjoy every moment with them.

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