Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well Morgan has lost two more teeth this summer all within a week. She lost one on Friday July 3rd. That was her fourth tooth. I can't believe that she is getting old enough to loose teeth. She also has her top front tooth loose. We are just finishing Morgan's day camps this week along with getting ready to take our first vacation this summer to a Yogi Bear Camp. I am looking forward to it.

Blake rode is first rides down at steamboat days this year. He loved everything-except the roller coaster. He even loved the Ferris wheel. That kid is my dare devil. I love him to death but sometimes I wonder about him.

The kids loved our camping trip to the Yogi Bear Camp and I will post some pics soon. We just finished a very busy week with VBS at church this week with up to 150 kids attending. This was a new record and we loved having them all there. I was definitely exhausted from the week but more so from all the preparation up to last week. Our summer is winding down and Morgan is just finishing her reading program at the library. Blake has finished his reading program and received his free book.

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