Thursday, August 20, 2009


School started today. My little girl is off to first grade. I am glad she will be back in a schedule. It makes life a little easier. I have had a crazy month of August and feel like I have not been good about my blog. Last weekend was my brothers wedding and we all had a blast. I love those times with family and friends. It makes the meaning of life come to the surface. We need to enjoy every day and just have fun. I will post some photos when I get my laptop back. The hard drive crashed and I have all my photos on that computer. I am very upset about that. I hope I get it soon.

Blake was the ring bear and Morgan did the programs and bubbles. She was so excited. I think she lost her flower during the night somewhere because she was excited about wearing one. Blake thought he was hot stuff in his camo tie. Morgan ended up sick at the end of the night. To much to drink, eat and exhaustion had set in. The girl was so upset when we sent her home that everything came up. We had a very long week helping my parents and brother. The wedding and reception were beautiful and a great time was had by all.

Jason lost one of his friends from school in August. We went to Des Moines for the visitation. I think this is a wake up call how fragile life is. I know it hit Jason and makes him realize when your time is up God will take you. We had several conversations about that and I hope he enjoys every day like it is his last and lets the small stuff go. I know it makes me enjoy every day and sometimes my emotions are strong.

Vacations were great this summer will have more to follow and now just setting back into a routine. Enjoy the school year. Time flies by.

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