Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is Morgan's 1st grade teacher Mrs. Flores. We have heard great things about her and Morgan is excited. Can't wait to see how the year goes.

This was Morgan on the first day hanging up her bag. She was excited she even wore her new outfit that Grandma H. had bought her. No more cubbies. I am sad but she is not.

Morgan excited about her desk. She has been waiting for this day to put her things in the desk. She picked the one in the front row. I said she is not shy and loves to be front and center.

These were a few photos of my little girl at her first grade open house. Morgan just loves school so I never have a big issue sending her since she loves being there. Morgan just wanted to get inside the building to find her classroom. I had to get her to slow down a few minutes to get a few pi cutes. On in to the open house we went. She was glad to see some kids from the last school year.

This was Morgan and I in her classroom finding out where to put all her supplies. We had a scavenger hunt to learn were the teacher wanted all the items. We stopped to smile for the camera.

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