Monday, September 7, 2009



Well we took the kids to the circus at the I wireless center. It was scout night and we all got discounted tickets. Jason and I took the kids along with Jada. Another friend of Morgan's went with her grandma and they sat with us. So we arrive find our seats and then on to the floor we went to see the preshow. The kids were just watching all the different people perform before the circus. After the show was ready to begin we went to the restroom and got our snacks. The kids wanted and ices. I get in line to find out the cheapest one is 9.00. Of course both of my kids wanted one. So 18.00 later we were back in our seats. Blake was sitting next to me and an older man who was eating popcorn. He started talking to Blake. Blake became more interested in the popcorn and after two bites of ices he said he was done and was sharing popcorn with the guy next to us.


The show started and it was all out over the top performance. Jason even enjoyed himself. I was shocked. Blake did walk back and forth between us only to annoy the lady in front of us. He kicked the seat a few times. She must not have any kids of her own to understand that I was trying my hardest to keep him in control. Morgan did enjoy her ices. It lasted almost the whole show. After a great show we hit the streets to find the car. We got to the car and Jason went to put Blake in the car and he feel out only to come up bleeding with a big cut in his eye.

I was scared and wanted to take him to the ER but Jason thought he was fine. I was nervous the whole way home so I sat in the back with him. The girls feel asleep and so did Blake.

We get to around Viola IL and came upon a state trooper stop. They wanted to see Jason's drivers license and proof of insurance. We had to pull forward and dig for it and the trooper was going to come over in a few minutes to check on us. Jason started yelling at me telling me we were going to get a ticket. We came upon an old insurance card and the trooper looked at it and said that he was sure we still had insurance driving a vehical like we were and he let us go. We had a mess and in the car and away we went. I had enough excitement for one night. A CIRCUS IT WAS.

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