Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What A Weekend

Diva Girl's
I can blog again. My computer crashed last week and I finally have it back. Lets see if I can get caught up. I feel like I never will with all that is going on. Well to start lets begin.
Mackenine, Jada, and Morgan on the top bunk

I took Morgan's girl scout troop to camp-le-ketta on Friday night. There was 10 girls and 4 adults and we stayed in the troop house. It all went well just a lot of girls really excited. We built a fire and roasted smores. We had a few crafts for the girls to do and we sang songs as well. They were the most excited about the bunk beds. A whole wing of beds they could not get enough of them. I did sleep okay but one girl was up coughing all night. The next morning we ate breakfast did another craft and went out on our hike. We hike to little Switzerland and the girls felt like we had went a long way. We did get to cross a creek and see the tree houses. The hiking game kept them going for awhile then they just complained that there feet were getting wet. It was a short camping trip but enough for the first experience for them.
Morgan Roasting Marshmallows
Morgan then had a birthday party to attend on Saturday for Morgan T. and they swam at Fun City. Morgan was so tired by the end of the day with the weekend she had.

On Sunday I held the Promotion Sunday at church and them off on the road we headed. We went to Quincy to a place called "GOING BONKERS" The kids had a blast. My brother and sister and Tasha all went with the kids. It was a good time. We decided to eat at TGIF's when we got done. The neatest experience occurred. I was the last to walk in and while we were waiting my brother and sister we telling me the coupons they had. Jason and I did not have any. As we approached our table a lady called me over to her table. She handed me some coupons and I did not want to make a scene so I told her thanks. As I got looking I noticed that she handed me the same as 90.00. I was so thankful for her great deed. This lady won 400.00 worth of coupons and she had to use them all that day or they were no good. They were leaving town and thought we could use them. I was so thankful and have not seen this kind of great deed in a long time. It makes me when to keep spreading these kinds of deeds.

Well the Circus is this weekend and some time with family. Enjoy this labor day weekend.

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