Thursday, September 10, 2009


This past weekend we decided to work on the land. The weather was perfect and much work needed to be done. Blake has been working on potty training and it has been a real it and miss situation. Morgan was a month before she turned three and I just let her do it on her own timing. I figured that would be Blake or at least I was hoping. Well a little later he has taken interest but it is slowly coming. We decided to let him wear his big boy undies up to the land. Before I knew it, he was naked going potty. The kid just has no shame. He actually thinks it is funny. I guess whatever works. He told me later that the neighbors were watching him go potty.

This week I told Krystal that he was working on potty training. We had a good day and a bad day. Today we tried again. He has went all day without an accident. I am so proud and excited that we may be on to something. This is the most he has shown interest in using the potty. We even traveled two hours or so in the car tonight and he did awesome. He told me when he needed to go and we stop a few times. Once he went and the other time he didn't. At least he is trying and aware if he has big boys on or his diaper. He just fell asleep and asked me if he had a diaper on. We are camping this weekend so this may be a good chance to just leave the undies on so if there is an accident it is no big deal. The ground can hold up just fine with a little urine. He also loves to just pull down his pants and stand by a tree to try to go. This should be easier than Morgan since he loves to just let it all hang out.

Wish Blake luck. He turns three in a few weeks and needs to keep up with his big sisters trends.

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Emily said...

Just found your blog, through Carrie's blog. I didn't know you had one. I just started one last winter. Not always the greatest about updating, but its fun to see what everyone is up to.