Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To Decorate Or Not To Decorate????

Decorating it used to be so fun. Jason and I used to decorate for christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. We would get the tree done on a Sunday afternoon. This year we decided to do it a little sooner since Thanksgiving is later. Well good thing we did. The story begings by getting the tree upstairs. Our box had gotton wet when this summer we had a lot of rain and the basement leaked. The box was in an area that got wet. So Jason had to bring the tree up tote by tote and dropped the pieces on the living room floor. After that set back we got started only to find out the color coding directions were missing. We had to guess how the tree went together. That optical was completed tree looks good. Next is the lights. I can not tell you how much I dislike lights. We untangle, test and throw away half the lights that were working last year but stopped in the box over the course of the year. Days pass and the bare tree stood. I went out a few days later and bought new lights. We were busy the next evening and so Jason and I have now late at night got a few sets of lights on the tree. A few more days pass and Jason decides tonight to do the outside lights. He gets the hedge lights up and next is the house lights. Most of those lights do not work. So now we need to purchase new outside lights. We load up the kids and off to Big Lots to get a few more boxes. A side note we bought a few boxes at the end of the year last year and the boxes were 6.00 this year the same boxes were 6.50. So we get home and the lady at the store forgets to give us our box of lights. Jason goes back out to pick those lights up and comes home to finish. Now he needs more hooks to hang the lights since at Halloween he threw most of them off the roof when he continued to break them. Along with that the silhouettes two of the five work and most places do not sell them anymore. Jason is so disappointed. Well the Christmas tree has yet to see the rest of the lights or ornaments and the other decorations are still packed away. I am not sure if we will get finished by Chritmas. Is all this worth it??? I hope the kids enjoy the finished product.

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