Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today is Morgan's B-day. I surprised her by taking her lunch to school from subway and a card and Balloon. She was standing in line to walk to the lunch room and I walked towards her she said Mommy. I asked her if she was surprised and she said yes. I took her card and Balloon to her room for her and then picked her up and hour later. It was an early out day.

Then when Morgan got home I showed her bedroom to her. I organized and moved furniture around to give it a new look. She was excited. Tonight she gets to go to church group and they will sing happy birthday to her. So even without her party today I think she felt like it was her birthday. We will celebrate Friday with Family and Sunday with Friends. Let the Parties Begin. I can not believe my little girl is six. Happy Birthday Morgan.

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picture.girl said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!