Monday, November 17, 2008

Morgan's Busy Weekend

I got thru the weekend with Morgan's Parties. We had a house full on Friday Night with Family. Morgan was excited to finally get to open gifts. Thanks to all those who came and made her day special. Along with her party came a few other memories for the day. Morgan fell at school on

Friday at recess. I again got a call from the school nurse. I think this makes around four times for the year already. I figured I would be getting calls from the principal but I guess she decided to behave and have injury's instead. She scraped her nose and lip and had some blood at school. I think an icepack was all that was needed. But the fun did not stop there.
Oh after the party on Friday, Morgan had started to have some cold systems like the rest of us. Now with this child we do not get just a cold. The asthma started in. From 8-11 at night she coughed and threw up. It was non stop. I called the on call doctor and he was very nice. I have been down this road a million times before but I could not get the coughing to stop with the inhaler. I need the machine again but I had no meds. Morgan finally fell asleep and started in again at around 1 in the morning. It was a long night and on top of it all Blake woke up crying.

On Sat I got meds from the doctor on Call which was our doctor. The usual is what the told me I needed to do and watch her. On Sat night another attack come on and we started all over again. I had Hy-vee bring the meds to me and worked thru it with a treatment every hour on the hour to get it under control. I was worried about another bad night so we talked to the doctor again to get the steroid in case we needed it. It is a last resort but at that point I needed an outlet. She did sleep thru the night.

On Sunday we had her friend party at Happy Joes. She had a lot of fun and it made cleanup easy. Blake stayed with his grandma and grandpa so I only had to focus on her. I have some pics to view of the parties. Well between the parties and the asthma I think little Morgan had her fill. I am still working on the asthma as we speak. I had her to bed and she began a spell again. She is on the machine and well we will see how it goes.

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