Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We had fun taking the kids around my parents house for trick or treat. It was nice that it was light out for awhile. Morgan was a trooper, Blake was tired and did not want to walk except to the door to get his candy. This year was fun since Blake did have an idea of what to do. He said thank you a lot to make his mommy proud. Morgan did not have time to wait around on her brother. My little frog and my little cheerleader looked cute and enjoyed the evening. We seen lots of families we knew and enjoyed taking a walk around the neighborhood.

I also have a few photos from the day the kids and I raked some leaves and jumped around in them. They had fun with it for a while while I did accomplish getting a few leaves raked up. The weather has been great to have gotten to do a few more outdoor activities with them. I know it is short lived so we tried to enjoy it the best we could.

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