Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well now that I have been trying to blog for about a week and it has not worked, I am trying to catch up on things. It finally is working and saving my post. I am excited. I get to catch up. An update on the tree situation.( Enjoy my photo of my tree.) I now have a few gifts wrapped and under the tree. It is up and fully decorated with lights and all. I am done decorating and the season is in full swing. I have began to work on Christmas cards and will begin my work ones soon. Over the weekend we spent time doing our annual Christmas cookie baking.

On Saturday we went to spent the day baking cookies with Jason's Mom, Grandma and Aunt. I think they used around 25 lbs of flour that day. I sorted and sorted cookies so that all of our families could take some home to share. Know that so many of us want cookies it took all day to get them done. I mean all day, I did not get home until around 8:30 that night. I will share some photos of the finished product they are the best cookies in town.

On Sunday the kids had a Christmas Party with a visit from Santa. Morgan has been talking about Santa since she sat on his lab. Now Blake on the other hand. He is not sure of Santa. At our last night at M&M we had a special visit from Santa. I wanted the kids to sit together and Blake would not have a thing to do with it. He about took my neck off he was holding on so tight. So I thought maybe in a smaller setting he would do it. Even with only a few people around and in Christy's house Blake would not do it. We sat next to Santa on the coach. He would not have a thing to do with him. Since I was thinking of doing Christmas cards with the kids on Santa's lab I was a little disappointed. Jason and I took the kids to Fun City to see Santa and I was hoping I could bribe him into sitting wit Santa. I took candy with me and that did the trick. Blake was hesitant but I handed him candy and that is all it took. He did not have a lot to say but he sat and made his mommy proud for pictures. I then decided not to do my cards with them but at least I captured the moment. Since Santa had brought Blake a pop gun his knew thing is deer hunting. I will blog about that later. In the photo of Blake and Santa you have to look at the candy he is holding onto for deer live. Enjoy.

My work Christmas party is over and our girl scout troop went Christmas singing tonight at the new Sunny brook home. After we were done singing we took the troop to Happy Joe's for pizza. I hope the girls enjoyed the night and learned to give to the older community starting by giving them some homemade Christmas cards they made.

This shows how fast the season is going. Before we know it it will be over and another year past. I had a meeting and if anyone wants Girl Scout cookies let me know. Morgan is going to be selling them for the first time.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Season.

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