Saturday, December 20, 2008


With Christmas five days away I finally feel ready to enjoy family time. Enjoying time with the ones you love means more this season then ever. My family has had some of the worst news you can have at a time of the year it should be upbeat. My dad has found out he has cancer. With that on my mind often and wanting to do all I can, I think just being with the ones you love will mean the most to my family this year.

Of course Morgan can't wait and the countdown is on. Everyday we discuss how many more days. I love seeing the excitement in her eyes and do not ever want her to loose that spirit in her heart. My cards are all out, presents are all bought, now I need to finish wrapping. That is the challenge with the little ones around.

We had our last practice at church for the kids part of service on Christmas Eve. I love seeing all the kids taking part and Christmas Eve service just sets the mood for the season. It is something I treasure always have and always will. I hope my kids carry on the tradition. With school delays and cancellations off and on all last week, Morgan did fit in her school party and gift exchange. I was there along with Blake to help and enjoyed the time with her.

The kids have their Daycare party Monday and then watch out the crazy fun begins. I just want to cherish the days with loved ones and I want to remind myself not to sweet the little things. It always will work out in the end.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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