Friday, December 12, 2008


Second season shot gun is open this weekend. I believe that Jason has a new partner to help him find deer. Blake got a pop gun from Santa at Christy's house and Morgan and Blake have been playing deer hunting. The other day Blake found his baby hat, the one you get in the hospital, and Iowa jacket and got dressed to go deer hunting. I asked him where he was going and he told me deer hunting with Brian.

Jason and Brian have planned a few deer seasons together and Blake wants to join in. Now that he has his own gun I think he is ready. As he got dressed and gun in hand he headed for the basement steps to get his boots on. They were my boots but they worked for him. I wish I had gotten a picture to share it was the funniest thing ever. Jason and I got a good laugh. He kept saying he was going hunting with Brian.

The new game Morgan and Blake have been playing also goes like this. Morgan shoot deer-find deer. They shoot and then go looking for the deer then find the deer and run screaming around the house. Thanks Christy for such great entertainment. Blake's first gun and great fun.

Don't think this gets Blake out of his girl phase. Today on the way to daycare Blake wanted to take his baby with him. I thought he would forget by the time we left but no. He continued to carry it out to the car. I asked him if he wanted to take it in to Krystal and sure enough he said yes. Krystal said he would not share the baby at daycare for awhile. I guess he still has a soft side. Sorry Jason he likes to love on babies and take care of them. That is not a bad thing. Jason was so embarrassed when I told him his son wanted to take his baby with him. He blames me for the softer side of Blake.

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Klein Family said...

I thought it was cute that he had a baby with him...and he held it for quite some time. He is a very sweet little boy, who also likes to use the play vaccuum, he will be an awesome husband someday.