Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My Parents, Brother and Sister and Family (The Clan)

I am glad but sad another Christmas has came and gone. Jason is a Christmas lover and he gets down after the holidays end. I just want the house to be put back into order. I know that we are so blessed when we have more the others and I am thankful for all we have been blessed with. This time of year has brought me joy and sadness. I find joy in the kids when they are excited to open that present from Santa and find out that Santa has drank all his milk and ate all his cookies. I find sadness in those who I am close to that are dealing with tough situations in their lives. I hope those that need more pray and allow God to do is thing.
The first Year for Blake to start Getting Excited

Morgan with her DS!!!!!

We had a busy holiday. Morgan had her last swim lesson on Tuesday then we went out for dinner and out to look at Christmas lights. When we got home Morgan got sick and Jason and I spent the night cleaning up bedding and the bathroom along with me giving Morgan a bath. Shortly after I went to lay back down, I got sick. I ended up sleeping on the coach all night long. I think we both had the flu and on Christmas Eve we laid around all day until we had to get ready to go spend some time with family. We went to church then over to Jason's Mom's house to get together with his side of the family then we had to hurry over to my side to spend some time with them. It was late when we got home and I still had wrapping to do along with getting the presents under the tree.
This is a photo of the kids getting Santa's Plate Ready

Christmas day we opened gift together. The kids were excited. We then got dressed and went over to my mom and dads to spend some time opening gifts with them. My bother and sister and their families were all there. It is crazy but fun. The kids are spoiled. They played for awhile then we headed over to Jason's mom and dads to do gifts. It was a little less crazy over there since there is fewer of us. After eating super and chilling out we took the kids home for bed. Blake did not have a nap and he was a walking mess. He fell off the kitchen chair he was so tired. Thanks to everyone for a great holiday season. I look forward to the new year and really hope God blesses all of us with nothing but great things.

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