Monday, August 25, 2008

A Few Moments to Spare

I need to catch up after a busy week and weekend. I had my garage sale to unload some more of Morgan's clothes. I had an average sale. I am going to take some to resale and try that as well. One sale at a time to get rid of stuff. Morgan has officially started kidergarten. That made for an exciting and busy week last week. Today was the first day the entire class were together. They brought them back in half classes for her grade. I am glad but sad as well. Today I was dropping her off and I asked her to give me a kiss. She did and it was an okay one so I told her to give mommy a good kiss. In the meantime I looked up and two little boys were walking in front of the car and she got out and did not kiss me again. I was sad that she was a little embarassed to kiss her mommy. I did get a good kiss before bed tonight to make up for it. I just can not believe I have a child in school all day. The time goes by so fast. Those are the times I thank God for providing me in my line of work and also allowing me to spead time with my children. I know that someday I will get the opportunity to do more with me work during the day. Some days I feel like I might not hang with the other realtors in sales and I want to do the best in all I do. God does know what is best and being with my babies is what I will never get back. I got some time to sit and watch Morgan and Blake on the coach the other day. You have to watch this little video moment I captured. I love them both so much and this is what makes being a mom so wonderful. Enjoy!!!

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