Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Weekend with a Big Break Down

We had another eventfull weekend. Friday night we went on our Group Scavanger Hunt. It was a lot of fun. I should have pictures to share when I get our from Kelly. My camera was not charged. That is not the first time that has happened at an important time. Just my luck. Seeing Jason being the greeter at Wal-mart was a good laugh. Dinner was nice and it was great for everyone to meet the other side of our group. That is the guys joined us for the big event.

On Saturday I went for a walk early which was nice then I attended a baby shower. That gives me the thought of having another baby. It just reminds me of how preciuos little ones are. During the afternoon we attended a family reunion for Jason's family. It was at Perkins Park. It was nice seeing the Waste side of the family which we do not see often. The kids had fun at the Park and Morgan always makes a friend. She found the little ones and ran around with them. Blake wanted to go thru the tunnels and enjoyed the slide. He kept telling me to catch me Mommy and he wanted Daddy to help him up the step to go down again.

On Sunday I walked again. I was dedicated this weekend. It was such a nice weekend to be outside. My parents were going on a boat ride so they said we should take our boat out. We had not had it out this year due to the flooding. We got the boat ready and Mike and Christy went and my Brother Tim and Amy went. We boated up river fine, checked out the flood damage at lunch and then went to meet our family downriver and the boat would not start. We thought it was something simple but we never did get it fixed. So the story goes, we got towed by my uncle and we went to a sandbar and grilled out food. Jason continued to work on the boat but we never did get it going. We enjoyed the afternoon and took some photos of the kids the best we could do for the situation we were in. I am not sure the Ford family will want to attend another outing with us. I felt like we were with the Wiseman clan. Their boat always would be the one to break down. Amazing-the big breakdown and Jason and I were part of it. All was well and the kids were exhausted. Blake had not slept the night before because of his ears so he was ready to go to bed tonight. All asleep and ready for another week.

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