Monday, August 4, 2008

Weeked Parties

This weeked was very eventful. We had a family birthday party in Ft. Madison for Jason's grandpa and cousin. We had wonderful sweetcorn again. Tis the season. Then on Sat. I watched Kaley and had the scare of my life. I had to leave for one hour to show a house and Jason was instructed to not let the kids eat while I was gone. Kaley has allergies to many food items and I did not want him to go there. On the way home I called to check in and then he informs me the girls were eating goldfish. I freaked out and called Shawna. Of course she was not suppose to have those. I get in check her over and all seemed well. I still was not conviced she was okay. I talked to Shawna for a few minutes and everythink seemed normal as could be. I did want to kill Jason at that moment in time and could not believe he did not know they were in eating those. Needless to say he went out to mow and I watched the kids. We had a wedding Sat night and on Sunday we had Alyvia's birthday party along with my cousin Megan's.

The kids swam and jumped in the jump house. It was a nice little night. Blake digs playing with the girls. He needs more boy playmates. He thinks that all the there is is purses, dolls, dishes and things that are pink. He loved playing with all of Alyvia's new toy's including her new pink bike. Take a peek at the picture I took. Jason just loves all this. Not sure how to solve the problem. What can I say-he likes to play house, kithcen, shopping and pink things.

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