Monday, August 4, 2008


Last Wed. Jason had to work overtime and the kids and I went to eat at my in-laws house. My mother in-law has us over once a week for dinner. It is nice to have someone else do the cooking one night a week. Usually my bother in-law shows up and the kids get a chance to see him. It's nice to visit and catch up with them. Well back to what I was going to say-We were getting ready to leave and Blake started saying deer -deer. I looked up and out the back window there was two deer eating in the backyard. The kids ran up to the window and the deer looked up and stared at us. The kids must of been loud enough that the deer heard them. That would not surprise me any. The went back to eating. Then we looked out the patio door and there was two more deer out eating. By this time Morgan and Blake were excited. Grandpa took them outside so I could get them home and he took them over by the garage to see if there was anymore deer and sure enought five deer ran into the woods. Now the kids are always looking for deer at Grandma and Grandpa's. We joked around that daddy should just go sit at grandma's to go deer hunting. On the drive home Morgan and I were talking about the deer and we looked out at the field on Madison street and show two more deer. That is right that makes a total of eleven deer in a matter of 15 minutes. What a night for the kids. I am going to have to take some pictures next time.

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