Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well Blake has proven he can be a monkey. The climbing on things has started and being two has shown its true colors. I laid Blake down for a nap after lunch last week and the next thing you know Blake was in the kitchen with me. I took him back into his room and laid him down puzzled how you managed to get out of his crip. On Tuesday night Jason and I were sound asleep when I hear "Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy" little Blake had managed to get out of his crip during the middle of the night. Jason took him back to bed and as Jason was getting ready for work that mourning he heard a fall. He went in Blake's room to find him on the floor getting up and again Blake looked at Jason and said 'Hi Daddy". He has no fear of falling out of his crip or jumping out for that matter. This was all going on the week of Jan 26th. During the day I caught him climbing into his crip and standing on the rails. Jason and I only took three days of that adventure with him and decided to take the crip down.

So now the big boy bed is up and I need to get a boy comforter for him. We are also going to have to get a tall gate he can't climb to keep him in his room at night. At least once a night he comes up to visit us and we have to take him back to his room. This has been a fun adventure and again we never live a dull moment with our kids. I am a little sad I have no more babies in baby beds anymore. How time flys. This is not the only thing Blake has decided to climb. Any thing he can get a grip on he tries. I have to watch him every second to make sure we do not end up in the ER from a sudden fall.

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