Sunday, February 15, 2009


The weekend has just flown by for our family again. Jason and I used the tickets we got my father for Christmas to go to the Iowa Basketball game this weekend. We knew with my dads surgery so close we may have to use the tickets if he was unable to go. That was the case for my dad since he just got his cathader out on Friday. He is in a slow recovery stage.

The game was a good one even though Iowa lost. My sister and her boyfriend went as well and we did dinner out. We had to wait a while to get seated since it was Valentine's day. It was a nice evening out with just Jason. We have been spoiled to get to spend some time out without the kids.

Blake has developed and ear infection again. He did not want to sleep on Friday night so we knew that something was up. Jason took him in to see the doctor on Saterday only to confirm what we already knew. I wish I could just get meds when needed since I got it down to a science with the ear infections. Morgan had a good Valentine's Party at school on Friday. I went in to her class to help and she had so many treats she bought some home with her. The kids loved looking in their Valentine boxes and seeing what the other kids brought them. I am glad I was able to be there with her. At my Mom's tonight my cousin was over and told Blake to go play with the kids. He looked at her and said "Don't you worry about it" "You are being bossy". My mom, Jason and I just started laughing. I did not know he even knew those words. He always surprises me with what he says and does. He is growing up so fast. Untill next time.....

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