Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This weekend we went to watch Brad Paisley in concert. There was a total of eight of us that got tickets for Christmas and planned to go together. We went early to Davenport on Friday and goofed around town until we finally went to eat and drink before the concert. While killing a little time in the car, all eight of us piled in and laughed at all of the cars wanting our parking spot since there was a shortage due to the concert. The cars would come up behind us and turn their turn signals on and sit and wait thinking that were were going to back out. This happened time and time again. It became the joke in the car as to what car was going to be next.

As time was close, we walked into the packed I wireless center to find out sits at the next to last row at the top. We still could see the stage well and everyone else in the center. Watching three great acts and a few crazy people lead to a wonderful night out away from it all. It was well worth the money and time with some family.

Aside from the concert, on Thursday I spent the entire day at the hospital with my father. It was the day we all wanted to be done with. His surgery lasted four hours and almost two more hours in recovery. It all went well and my dad is now back out home. He will be laid up for around eight weeks with a long recovery ahead but I am glad the pathology report is now good and my fathers spirits are looking up. We all love our father and would have been even more sadden if things had turned out any differently then they had. The last six weeks on our entire family had been stressful with the wait and see and now we can all move forward. Thank God for all those that prayed for him and our family and thanks for all the calls to see how he was. God does great things and this is one of them. Keeping my father close during a difficult time.

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