Friday, February 27, 2009


Last weekend was a busy one. I had to work at the Home Show at Fun City then go to Morgan's Fun Fest at school. The school was very busy on such a bad day of weather. The wind was blowing that snow and so I guess were else to be than in the school for Fun Fest. They had bingo and bounce houses and cake walks and ring toss. Not much out of the ordinary for an event like this. Well Morgan decided to play bingo. We found out if you won you got a gold fish. Not a fake fish a real gold fish. The kids were so excited. The first attempt was uneventful. Many of the kids that lost were crying and the parents you could tell were frustrated at having to sit and try to win there child a fish. Morgan's second attempt her dad help her out and they one.

So now we own a gold fish. We had a bowl left when we had some beta fish so we just needed water. Jason got water and I filled the bowl and now all was good. Morgan spent the night with my Mom on Sat night and on Sunday morning before I was out of bed she called worried about her fish. She could not wait to get home and she it and take care of it. She was glad she now had a pet and we had five in our family. This was a huge deal for Morgan. So the next few days her brother and her moved the bowl forward to watch the fish without a name and talk to it. This free fish brought lots of entertainment.

On Wed night we went out for Chicken. Before we left Jason and I looked at the fish that was not moving much. We taped the bowl and he swam away. When we got home I noticed something floating. Jason came over and determined the fish was dead. Morgan lost it. We had to talk and talk to her all night long about the fish dying. Jason had to explain that things die. It was a nightmare. The tears kept coming and she just said "I am sad that my fish died" I told Jason to go flush the fish down the toilet and here comes Blake " I help you daddy" "I help you flush the fish in the toilet" So Morgan's in tears and Blake was glad to help his dad flush the fish down the toilet. What a night. I did capture a pic of the fish the first night home. I guess that was a good thing.

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