Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting Caught Up

I have been running around like crazy lately. We took our weekend trip to
Davenport with the kids for the field trip with school for Morgan and to take Blake and Morgan to Chucke Cheese for Blakes Birthday. The kids had a blast. I have a few photos to share. That weekend we also had my cousins wedding and celebrated Blakes Birthday with family and friends on Sunday. I feel like I did not even catch my breath. I was thinking work would be slower and I have a few things I am working on as well so I stayed busy all week. I did take a few days to work from home and Blake and I took a walk to school to get Morgan one day and walked back home. That was a good distance so Morgan was tired. The next day Blake and I took a little bike ride. I hope to be able to ride our bikes tommorrow if the weather is nice. I love doing that with the kids and they love it to. Blake had his first dentist apt today and all went well except they wanted to have me work on getting rid of his "ME ME" that is what we call his pacifier. That will be a challenge because he loves it and it is his comfort. It is starting to work on his jaw line and development. That means I need to slowly (the key word) get rid of it. Along the line of teeth, Morgan has her bottom two front teeht loose. This just started the month of Septemper. She is excited and had to tell me her good news. When she went for her check-up the dentist said her six year molars were coming in and she would start to get some loose teeth. All four were working on coming in this summer.

I want to wish my Son and Husband a Happy Birthday- and let Morgan know I am proud of all her work at school. She has been doing so much this past Month(Sept). Now that the Birthday's are done we are looking forward to Halloween and a few fall outings to come. I will keep you posted!!! Enjoy the photos of are past few weeks of fun with the Waste Family.

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