Thursday, October 16, 2008


For about a month or so we have been dealing with learning about teeth. From our visit in Aug to the dentist till tonight. In Aug Morgan was getting her six year molars in. We were shocked and excited at the same time. Morgan started getting interested in her teeth asking lots of questions. Before were knew it she had her front two bottom teeth loose. She was so excited. Then a few weeks later she was feeling her teeth and I looked in her mouth only to find her new teeth were squezzing in behind them. This all seemed to develop so quickly and it reminded me that my little girl was growing up so fast.

Tonight I was drying Morgan off after her bath and went to wipe her face. Her front tooth had over the last couple of days bleed a little and was just hanging in there. After wiping her face I heard her tooth fall into the tub. I thought the world ended when Morgan lost it. She could not believe her tooth feel out then she started crying because her mouth was bleeding. Within a few minutes no more blood and she wanted to call her grandparents and tell them she lost her first tooth.

The rest of the night was about this tooth. It is now resting next to her bed in a baggie waiting for the tooth fairy to come. As I was lying with her she got scared the tooth fairy was coming and could not fall asleep. She did not want the fairy to get her. I had to reassure her things would be okay and it was like Santa or the Easter bunny coming at night to leave good things. We talked for a few minutes and I made her a promise Just like God made a promise to us that I would not let any one get her. She then rested and feel fast asleep.

One other note on that tooth- she asked me how much money the tooth fairy would leave. She is only five and wants to find out how much money she will get. What do I have coming.

My little girl is gettinig so big. I am sad but excited for the next phase with Morgan. She is a joy every day. Enjoy the photos of my toothless little girl.

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picture.girl said...

Congrats Morgan!!!! What a big girl you are becoming. You look darling without your tooth, I love the new look!