Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I woke up on Tuesday to find Morgan next to my bed saying she just lost her tooth. I asked her where her tooth was and she told me in her mount. She had lost it early in the morning on tuesday October 28th. Her new teeth are coming in very well so she will not be toothless for long. I just still can't believe I have a child loosing teeth. This just reminds me of how fast life goes. Morgan and I have been busy will girl scout planning and are looking forward to doing things with our group of soon to be nine girls. We have our first school conference on Thursday and are looking forward to going trick or treting with the kids on Friday.

Morgan is going as a cheerleader and Blake is going as a frog. I will post some pics after are night of fun. Our family went to Kathy's pumpkin patch over the weekend and we had a very windy and cool outing. We did not eat or drink any of there food we did take subway with us. I think we will be okay with the scare going on down there. The kids loved the corn pile and I could have left Blake there all day. Take a look at some of the pictures of them. Memories are so special to us.

Watch for more info to come but my little darling is getting ready to turn six. I will be working on her Birthday Party and keep you all posted. Enjoy our little family update.

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