Monday, July 28, 2008

Naptimes are Great

Well, I am trying to keep up on this. Blake has layed down for his nap and Morgan is playing. With that time I am going to catch up on our weekend. I just got done with a busy week at VBS at our church. For those that do not know I am the director for the second year in a row. I do enjoy it, but it just takes a lot of time. I love to keep active with things like that. We had around 120 kids each night with a pool party under the lights at Dankwart park pool. I was not going to attend that so I could go home and put the kids to bed ( and myself after the long week), but Morgan wanted to go and cried the entire way home so I gave in.
With the week at end I was looking forward to spending some time with Jason and Blake. We did a lot of yard work on Saturday. My parents took up all their patio and torn down their deck. They had some plants they needed to move so I told them I would take them. My parents came by so I needed to plant them in my yard. I was moving rock with the shovel and Blake decided he needed to help. We have two little shovels my neighbor gave us that her kids did not play with anymore. We keep them in the garage. Blake had walked into the garage and before I knew it he had his shovel and was helping me move rock. I could not believe that he remembered they were in the garage or that he knew what he needed to do. My parents were amazed at his actions so we let Blake help. The kids love being outside and Blake again is all boy with dirt as his best friend.

Saturday night Jason and I had a date night. We did go to super together and then the big plans were to go to the grocery store. I can not believe how much groceries are costing. We came home to put them away and Jason's parents brought the kids home. I can tell we are getting old when our date is going to the grocery store. It did go a lot faster than dragging the kids along.

I did try asking Jason what he thought about a third kid. We did not get far on that conversation.

Sunday was church and we road tripped up Hwy 99 to get some sweet corn. I had been wanting to see across the river so we first went to the park to attempt to get the kids pictures. That was trying. I love the flowers and fountain. It is peacefull out their. The kids thought otherwise. So we loaded up and headed over the bridge. It is amazing to me what damage water can do. The wait took awhile but I did get a few photos to have as a reminder of this tragic event. My parents asked us over for super and we had sweet corn over at their house. It is nice just spending some time with the family. It was an enjoyable weekend with little real estate work. Lets see what the week brings.

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